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Daily chess puzzle: 20th anniversary puzzle

December 30, 2016

A break from my daily series from my present book, Matni Udar.

Today, a puzzle first seen in a recent edition of Chess Today.  I failed to solve the puzzle, and couldn’t see what was wrong with my solution.  I have chosen to post the puzzle on the 20th anniversary of the game having been played.

There is a follow up question below the solution.

Black to play and win


Kramnik v Bareev, Kazan 29/12/1997


Bareev played 1…Bg3! to which Kramnik replied 2 Qg3 f4 3 Qg4 (3ef Rf4 4 Re8+ Kf7 0-1) fe.


White had nothing better than 4 Qh5 after which Black won fairly easily, if any victory from any position against Kramnik could ever be easy (I can only write easily in the safety of my desktop, Fritz booted up).


Why doesn’t 1…f4 win? Its intentions are the same, and some lines are similar, but with best place it leads to equality.


I will post the solution tomorrow.


5rk1/p1p3pp/3b3q/5p1r/1PNP4/P3PQP1/6P1/R3R1K1 b – – 0 24

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