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Daily puzzle: my pick of wonderful moves from 2016

January 11, 2017
I am starting the New Year with a fairly random selection of moves seen during 2016: skewed to the last few months, since I only thought of making such a selection in December, and then had to try to recall some of my favourite moments.
Black to play 
Li Chao v Nigel Short, Baku Olympiad 9/9/16


1 …Bd4!

I had to pick one game from my friend Nigel Short:  we go back the best part of 50 years, starting with our local club as pre-teens, then school, and then the rest is history (for Nigel). What better to pick than his game which helped England with its wonderful victory against China?

1…Bd4 doesn’t win: but the complications are unfathomable. My computer assisted (aka computer done) analysis is in the game file: White can maintain the balance with a series of only moves, some of which look totally unnatural. White didn’t find them, Nigel was then winning, before blundering back to equality, before White blundered again, and Nigel wrapped up a wonderful victory. I watched the game live with palpitations.

For the game continuation, see my Cloud Database.


5B1k/6pP/1qr5/1p1b1P2/p2Ppp2/2b1P2Q/P1B3RP/6K1 b – – 0 35

ChessBase Cloud
The game can be found here:

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