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Daily puzzle: my pick of wonderful moves from 2016

January 13, 2017

Over the last twelve days, I have published my pick of the 12 best moves from 2016, taken from 11 games (since I included two separate moves from Caruana-Nakamura).

Doubtless my choice is quirky, and imperfect. I am bound to have missed many great moves, and my selection is skewed towards the games I watched live, to the elite players, and to those players whom I like. But it has been fun to choose, and I hope my readers have enjoyed my selection.

My selection, in summary

Jobava Ponomariov Bh6!! 1/1/17
Caruana v Nakamura Qf6! 2/1/17
Caruana Nakamura b5!! 3/1/17
Anand Adams Nd5-c3!! 4/1/17
Caruana v Carlsen Scandinavian …c5!! 5/1/17
Granda Zuniga v So …g5!!!! 6/1/17
So Akobian Nf7!! 18/4/16 7/1/17
Korobov v Sutovsky Rd5! 29/7/16 8/1/17
Volokitin Fridman, Rc6! 4/9/16, 9/1/17
Kramnik Be7!! v Vocaturo Baku 10/1/17
Li Chao v Nigel Bd4! Baku 11/1/17
Carlsen Karjakin Qh6+!! 12/1/17
Move of the year
If I were to pick one, it would be Kramnik’s 1 Be7!! for its sheer shock value, notwithstanding its objective weight. I would never, ever, have considered it. (but, on the other hand, I would never have chosen Magnus’s …c5!!, Jobava’s Bh6!!, and…many others). But you have to pick one:
All the games can be found on my blog over the last twelve days, and are on my Chessbase Cloud Database.
If I have not included the favourites of readers, please post them in the comments: I can then add blog postings for them, for everyone’s enjoyment.


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