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Daily chess puzzle

January 21, 2017

A break for a day from my series from Matni Udar. Today is from one of my 3minute ICC blitz games.

Black to play: White has just played 1 Rh3-f3, and in the game, Black resigned. I was puzzled what would happen after 1…Qc5

So, how does White win after 1…Qc5?


allanbeard v Istrebitel, ICC blitz 7/12/16


The nice solution, which took me quite a while to spot, is 1 Rf7!!.

In CJS Purdy terms, the Rf8 is tied to the eighth rank, defending the g8 square, so the rook on f7 can’t be taken.




5r1k/7P/4p3/4P1Q1/1pp5/5R2/1P3qPK/8 b – – 0 1

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