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Daily chess puzzle

June 9, 2017

A day’s break from the daily posting from “Matni Udar”, to give a puzzle from one of my 3-0 blitz games.

Black to play and win


“Estebandel” vs allanbeard,, 3-0 blitz, 22/4/17  {posted now because I draft blogs week’s ahead, especially when, as recently, we have a holiday period, before which I need to get ahead}


I was pleased to find 1..Rd1+! 2 Rd1[] Nf2!, and even more pleased to see that, when drafting this blog, Komodo 10 approves.


All the pieces are in the “right position” for the combination to work. If 3 Kf2, 3…Ng4+ discovers on the LPDO Bf4, and also on the Qc3 (which had just moved from d2 in the puzzle diagram position).

Quite satisfying.


3rr1k1/ppq2pbp/2p3p1/4n3/2P2Bn1/2Q2NN1/PP3PPP/2RR2K1 b – – 0 19



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