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Daily Chess Puzzle

July 13, 2017

A break from my daily posting from the book Matni Udar.

I am always reading or dipping into chess books; typically dipping into one or two or more at the same time. Occasionally, some books make a bigger impression, and one that is currently doing so is Viktor Moskalenko’s “Training with Moska”.


The style is quirky, but “good quirky”: I like how he writes. I am presently on the endgame section, which includes many studies. Studies haven’t to date been “my thing” but several in Moska have really appealed. Here is one, and I will post another tomorrow.

White to play and draw


Study by Ramon Rey Ardid, 1926


I won’t give the solution, instead leaving it to the readers to solve for themselves (it took me a long while, but boy!, was it joyful to solve it). Or, put it into an engine: I did, to be able to print the diagram, and Komodo solved it in a blink of a transistor.

But did Komodo enjoy it as much as I did?


8/8/K6p/8/8/4k3/N7/8 w – – 0 1


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