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Daily chess puzzle

July 15, 2017

A break, on my late father’s birthday, to show a day when Caissa smiled on me. It was only a 3-0 blitz game, but only once in a life do you get to repeat a famous combination.

First, the scene setting:


allanbeard v Combinenerder, 25/4/17: 3min Blitz

White has “something”, in the shape of Black’s exposed king and better development. I imagine there are better ways to play this, but 1 Ne6 hitting the Rf8 and looking at the Nf6; 1…Rf7 2 Ng5, threatening perhaps to check twice on g5; 2…Ne4.

White to play and win




3 Re4! fe[] 4 Nfg5+ hg (4..Kg8 is similar) 5 Ng5+ Kg8 (5…Kh6 6 Nf7+ forks the K and Q)


and now the denouement:

6 Qh8+!!, and White wins the ending.


Though in the game, Black ran out of time after Qh8+!!, which I hope startled him.




I hope one of my readers can help. I “know” I have seen this pattern before, and I thought it was in a game of Petrosian, but I can’t recall it; and nor am I sure: I might be remembering a slightly different pattern. Help, please!



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