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Daily chess puzzle

July 25, 2017

A break from my daily posting from Matni Udae, to show a puzzle which is similar in motif to one of the fairly recent puzzles from the book.

White to play and win


Cuhendi v Csiki, 36th Zalakaros Open, 18/5/17

game seen in Chess Today 6037


For those who remember puzzle 360, the solution should be fairly easy. 1 Rd8! Qc4 2 Ne7+! Ne7


3 Rf8+ Kf8[] 4 Rd8 mate.


Very nice.


3r1rk1/p4ppp/1pn1q1b1/2pRbNP1/2Q1PB2/2P5/PP4BP/3R2K1 w – – 0 26

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