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Daily chess puzzle: Check Mate #404

August 13, 2017

Another puzzle from Dragoslav Andric’s 1981 book “Matni Udar”.

This one has a  twist. And a PS.

White to play and mate Black


Sveshnikov v Sushchikh, USSR 1975


Since 1 Re5?? is a blunder (1…Be5 and then 2…Bg7 is unfortunate) and whilst 1 Nd5 is good and safe (and Komodo tells me it gives White some advantage), since this is a puzzle book position, the first move has to be 1 Qc4!

1…Nc4[] (1…Qb6?? 2 Re5+! and 3 ab) 2 Rff7+ Ke8 (2…Ke6 3 Re7+ and 4 Nd5 mate)


Now, White checks and checks, in order to keep Black’s Queen at bay: 3 Nc4? Qc8 throws away all the advantage, and White has to bale out with perpetual.

So 3 Re7+ Kd8[] 4 Rd7+ Ke8 5 Nc4 Be5 6 Ne5 de 7 Rb7


and the a pawn advances: if e.g. 7…Qa8 8 a6 Qa6?? then 9 Rb8 mate.

In the game Black resigned after 7..Qd6 8 a6 Kf8 9 Rgc7.


The twist

What did both players miss? There is something wrong in my analysis, and one of the playeer’s play could have been improved. Answer tomorrow.


In this game, Sveshnikov’s opponent played the Sveshnikov Sicilian against him. The game was from the USSR army championship, so not a training game.


1q5r/4kpR1/1N1p4/P3nR1p/2b1P3/1QP2p2/1P3P1b/4K3 w – – 0 35

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