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Daily chess puzzle

November 8, 2017

A break from the daily puzzle from Matni Udar. Today’s is a difficult puzzle I found in a 1991 issue of Kingpin.
White to play and win 

Tischbiersk v Vegh, Budapest 1983


I saw the initial move instantly, but couldn’t make it work for a long while. 

1 Re7! is obvious, and 1…Ke7 is forced since 1…Kh8 is mated after 2 Rf7+ 3 Rg7+ 4 Ref7mate.

Eventually I saw 2 Qf6+ (after trying to make 2 Qg8 work, unsuccessfully. But 2 Qf6+ sends the black king on a long march ending in mate.


r1b2krQ/1pR1bp1p/1q2p3/1B6/4p3/8/P1P3PP/5R1K w – – 0 1

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