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Daily chess puzzle: Check Mate #499

November 20, 2017

Another puzzle from Dragoslav Andric’s 1981 book “Matni Udar”.


Black to play and win


S Martinovic v S Markjanovic, Pula 1980



Not too hard, but a nice second move needs to be seen to make the obvious 1…Qh4+ work after 2gh.
2…Nd3+! rather than the obvious 2…Nf3++? seals the deal: it is mate by 3…Nf2 (or 3 f4 Bf4+ and 4…Nf2 mate).

White’s ‘best’ is 2 Bh3 when various moves win. 2…Nf3+ being one. Even 2…gh works because after 3gh Ng4+ is followed by 4…Nf2+ forking king and queen.  


3rr1nk/1R2q3/3b3p/4np2/2Pp2pP/P2P2P1/5PBK/1RBQ2N1 b – – 0 1

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