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Daily chess puzzle: best of 2017: player of the year

December 30, 2017

For the last few years I have, each day, posted a problem from one of a series of chess puzzle books. I have now chosen the next one to use, but before I start that series, I am going to introduce a bit of variety into my daily postings, by picking a pot pourri of chess highlights from 2017.

There is no structure to these selections: the common theme is that they are all positons or games that I have enjoyed, found interesting, or been amazed at during 2017.

I hope my readers find this series enjoyable: either being reminded of moves or games they enjoyed during the year, or by being introduced to interesting, challenging, or fun positions for the first time.

Black to play: what would you choose?



Levon, my player of the year, played the fantastic 1…Nef6!!. It relies on CJS Purdy’s theme “potassium cyanide”.

Levon 2

The forking of the two pieces on e4 and g4 make the combination work. Fantastic.

I could pick countless of Levon’s games: he has had a fantastic year, including, of course, marrying Arianne Caoili.

Levon wedding

Picture source Chessbase.


The game is on my ChessBase cloud database.


If any reader spots typos, faults, or (more positively) has comments, please add them. Such comments help the quality of the blog and are always appreciated. Thank you.

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