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Daily chess puzzle

June 4, 2018

Today’s puzzle was prepared whilst travelling, so is in a different format from those published when at home. This puzzle was seen in John Littlewood’s instructional book on the middlegame.

Evaluate 1…Rg2

Hartoch v Spassky, Amsterdam 1979


1…Rg2 is a mistake (Spassky didn’t play it-see tomorrow’s puzzle) since White wins after 2 Qf8+ Kf6[] 3 Qh8+ Kg5 (3…Ke5 4 Re1+ releases the threat of mate by Rh2+ and Rcg2 mate) 4 Rf5+! (again, releasing the mate) gf (say) 5 Qd4 and there is no mate.

(Not saying it is easy to win, there is plenty of scope to mess up, but the engines say White is winning).

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