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Daily Chess Puzzle: Under the Surface

June 9, 2018

My ‘book of the year’ for 2018 may already be decided, or at least there is a contender which will prove hard to beat.

I am writing this blog whilst on holiday in Turkey, and I had great pleasure during it reading Jan Markos’ new book ‘Under the Surface’, publishes by Quality Chess.

It is one of those books which merits a re-read, and I think if I do so, I will gain fresh insights. Markos, a Slovakian GM who before learning of this book I had not heard of, writes really well, insightfully, and has ‘something to say’ to his readers. Highly recommended.

Today’s puzzle is from Sam’s new book.

Black to play and win

Poobalasingan v Markos, Zurich 2011


1….Rc2!! since if instead 1…Bh3?, 2 Nf4 defends. The insertion of 1…Rc2 forces 2Qc2 when the Q is LPDO, and 2…Bh3 now mates.

Either 3 Rg1 Qf3+ and 4…Qg2 mate, or 3 Ned4 Bg2 mate.

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