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Daily Chess Puzzle: cuttings

June 11, 2018

Over the years – no, over the decades- I have cut and and kept numerous cuttings to ‘read later’. And they pile up, and up, and up.

I have decided the clutter is too much, and will, on an occasional basis when I have time, take a bundle, flick through them, discarding what is no longer of interest, and enjoy the rest, blogging some of them. Here is one of them

White to play and win

Wen Yang v Artemiev, Aeroflot Moscow 2/3/16


1 Bc5! examine all biffs and if 1…Qd5, 2 Bb6 mate.


r1bk3r/4b2p/p1nq1Np1/1ppQn3/5N2/3PB1P1/PPP3BP/5RK1 w – – 8 20


Malcolm Pein’s column in the Daily Telegraph

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