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Daily Chess Puzzle: St. Petersburg edition

July 22, 2018
Today my wife Jane and I are in St. Petersburg (this blog is written in advance, before we fly to Russia): fulfilling a life long ambition of mine to visit Russia. We have spent 3 days in Moscow, and are now in St. Petersburg for a further 3 nights. I hope to play at least one game of chess, likely blitz, whilst in the home of chess.
Today’s game is by the player who I identify with St. Petersburg: Peter Svidler
White to play
Svidler v Nepomniaschy, St. Petersburg 1996
1 Qh3! planning Rh1, but also looking at the Nc3, defending it in some lines.
1… Bc8 (1…Ba3 2 Bb6! defends the Nc3: the point of 1Qh3, rather than say 1 Qh4)
2 Bb5! 1-0.
If 2…e5 3 Qh4; or if 2…ab, 3 Rh1 and mates.
4rbk1/1bq3p1/pn2pn2/1p1p2N1/4P3/P1N1B3/1PP2P2/2KR1B1Q w – – 0 20

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