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The Twelve Days of St Ann’s Christmas

November 25, 2018

The Twelve Days of St Ann’s Christmas

Twelve easy things you could do for St Ann’s Hospice this Christmas season


This note contains a few ideas of how you might help St Ann’s Hospice, or your local hospice, or many good causes.  I’ve learned as St Ann’s Treasurer these last four years how much the services we provide our community rely on every pound and every penny raised and every minute given by all our volunteers and staff.

Please take a moment to read this note and see if there any ways you can help. Some are very easy indeed to do, and make a difference.


1 Buy some Christmas cards from us

From our shops or buying online or from some libraries and other places

2 Light up a Life Appeal

Dedicate a light to your loved one here

 3 Buy some presents from our shops 

4 Take part in our raffle

£5,000 of prizes to be won

5 ‘Get Elfie’ for St Ann’s or hold a Christmas Jumper day

See how to get

6 Use Amazon’s Smile service for your Christmas Shopping

When using Amazon, use the address, and choose St Ann’s Hospice as your nominated charity. That means we receive something for every item purchased.

7 Make a donation

After Christmas:

8 Recycle your tree

Just Helping is a charity which collects trees, and which supports St Ann’s Hospice

9 Support our shops

When clearing out, or to bag a bargain

10 Resolve to get involved in 2019

Fundraising, playing our lottery, volunteering and in many other ways

11 Come and Work or Volunteer for us!

Supporting to many people, St Ann’s needs a big team.

We simply couldn’t run the hospice without our volunteers. Whether you have a couple of hours a week to spare or a couple of days, every single bit of support counts.

12 Help us in the future

Include us in your will to help us care for the next generation


As Treasurer, I know that it really is true that every single piece of support helps us provide our services. I am forever grateful to the hospice sector for the love they gave to my mother, and to St Ann’s for the care it gave to my wife’s father. I love every part of my role as a Trustee and the Treasurer of the hospice, and as well as giving (trustees are volunteers) my time, support the St Ann’s in nearly all the above ways. I won’t be running a marathon, though, and neither need you: every different bit of support helps us care for our patients and their families.

Thank you for anything that you can do

Allan Beardsworth

Trustee and Hon Treasurer

St Ann’s Hospice

St Ann’s Road North

Heald Green



07767 310174


Registered Charity No 258085

Company Registration No 947720


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