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Daily chess puzzle

January 22, 2019

Another position from ‘Chess Combination as a Fine Art’ by Keres. Today’s blog is affected by my PC having failed and needing repair or replacement, so is in different format to normal. How long it will be before it returns to normal format will be dependent on if the PC can be returned to good health.

White to move: examine 1Rad1 Rd6 2d4, as played in the game.

Suttles v Uhlmann, Polanica- Zdroj 1967


1…Rd6, which looks like a simple preparation for doubling up rooks on the d-file, is cunning. 2d4? is a mistake.

After 2…cd 3 Nd4 Nd4 4 Rd4 Black has the winning pin 4…Re6.


No FEN whilst this problem persists. Sorry.

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