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Daily Chess Puzzle

May 1, 2019

Today’s problem is from the recently finished Grenke Chess tournament, in which all eyes have been on the stellar performance by Magnus Carlsen. But there were some other great moments by other playters too.

As is my custom, I only say which side is to play: and not giving an idea if the move wins or otherwise, unless on occasion I think signposting would be helpful. Instead, the problems are posed with the instruction to decide what you would play, as in a game.

Black to play: who is better? form a plan?

Naiditsch A - Svidler P (28.Ng3)

Naiditsch v Svidler, Grenke 21/4/19


I watched this live, whilst focussing on Magnus’ game. I  thought “equal, may be a bit better for Black”.

Not long after, Peter had won a fine game. He managed to attack the Pe4 in masterly fashion:

Naiditsch A - Svidler P (31...Nd6)

The Knight manoeuvre Ne6-d8-b7-d6 is a great example of the improve the worst placed piece principle.




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