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Daily chess puzzle

August 5, 2019

Today’s problem is from the 1997 book ‘Improve your chess Now’ by Jonathan Tisdall. A book that I think I read when it was published, but am re-reading whilst on holiday. It is very thought-provoking.

White to play

Lamparter v Fairhurst, Australian championships 1938


1 Nc6!!


2 Qh7+!!

3 Be5+ Kh6[] 4 Bg7 mate.


My engine, SmallFish, on my iPad, doesn’t see beauty and says 1…Bf5 is a better defence, but still winning for White, and prefers 1 Bf4. But for us humans, how can one not see the combination and smile?


rn1q1r2/4bpk1/p3p3/1pN1N1np/2pP4/4PpBb/PPQ4P/1B1RK1R1 w – – 0 1

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