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Daily chess puzzle

August 11, 2019

Today’s puzzle is from round 2 of the British Chess Championships. The blog was prepared live during the round, and as is my custom, is posted in arrears.

White to play

Richard Palliser v David Howell, British Championships, Torquay, 28th July 2019


Richard alas played 1 f4 and his advantage is gone. I wouldn’t know how to win it myself, but 1 Rd3! protects the Pf3 and allows the White king to advance very far forward, to help his pawn forward.

I give today’s puzzle mainly to remind myself, again, to study rook endgames, but also to highlight to my readers the truly fantastic game these two players played. It would have been nice for the underdog to have won, but nevertheless a draw is a equitable result for such a great slog. Please look at the game in the link below or on TWIC etc.

Earlier in the game: a battle royal


Palliser 1/2-1/2 Howell!106th-british-championship-2019/254790080

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