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Daily Chess Puzzle

January 24, 2020

I was delighted when my team-mate Andy Stoker emailed me to tell me he had seen a posting from my site being referenced by Edward Winter.


White to play


 CH Roele v W Heidenfeld, Amsterdam 1954



My posting is here.  The solution is that the best move is 1 Qg6+ Ke3[] 2 Kf1!!


I explain in my previous posting the reason why 2 Kf1!! is so strong, and so hard to find. In brief, it is all about the square g1. The rationale is behind human comprehension, I suspect: my old analysis was engine based.


The posting on Chess History is here. Well worth a read.


4rr2/pp6/2n4R/3p3Q/2pPkp2/2q5/P1P3PP/3R2K1 b – – 0 1

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