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Test your chess: Reitstein problem 200

July 11, 2014

Black to play and win




S Driman v W Heidenfeld 1935





1…Rf2+ 2 Qf2[] Ne3+! and since 3 Kh1 is forced, the now LPDO queen drops off.


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  1. iammedusa permalink

    Many of your chess tests appear to have problems. This one does not show the white knight in the first diagram.

    Sent from my iPad. Thanks for reading


    • Thanks for pointing it out: I have corrected it. You say there have been others in the past: if you remember which, please let me know by either replying to this reply or emailing me on Thank you Allan

  2. Stewart Fishburne permalink

    Ah, so there a WN on g1?

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