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Test your chess: Reitstein problem 201

July 12, 2014

White to play and win


FN Barnett v F Verlinde 1960





I saw the solution by inspection, the motif being familiar to me: 1 Rh8+! Kh8[] 2 Qf7! and the back rank (file) mate can't be avoided. It is always nice when you recognise prior motifs.


However, when I set the position up on Shredder (one of the other chess apps I have on my iPad just varying from my usual Stockfish for a change) it tells me that 1 Rh7! is better, forcing mate on fewer moves. 1… Bg5 2 Rah1 Bh6 3 R1h6 and mates; whereas in my line (which is also Reitstein's solution) black can defer things by throwing pieces away.


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