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Test your chess: daily chess puzzle

May 19, 2015

Black to play and win


Richard Palliser v Jon Shaw, 4NCL 15/2/15




My favourite move of the year, favourite finish of the year; so far. The lovely 1….Rg3!! is a perfect example of Purdy's maxim about threats. (See also this posting about Purdy in general)

Imagine the threat could not possibly be executed. Then what would be by best move? Try out each attractive move…visualise the whole position…after this move of yours, and then work out whether the opponent would gain by executing his 'threat'.

So, 1…Rg3!! and if the rook is taken, 2 hg Qe4 mates, or 2 Bg3 Qg2 mate, or if the queen is taken, then 2…Rg2+ 3 Kh1 Rg3 mate. Richard sportingly played 2 hg allowing the prettiest of the finishes, 2…Qe4.



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