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Test your chess: daily chess puzzle

May 20, 2015

Black to play and win


Gata Kamsky v Judit Polgar, Buenos Aires, 1994



I am presently half way through volume 2 of Judit Polgar's autobiography; the second volume, 'From GM to Top Ten' is superlative.

Every few chapters, she has a break with a few puzzles, all of which I would assess as difficult. This particular one troubled me so much that I had to set the pieces out on my board, and solve it formally, resisting the temptation to move the pieces. Eventually, I had the 'eureka' moment, and very satisfying it was, too.

1….Qb1+ 2 Kh2[] Rf2+ 3 Kh3[] and now black has enough time for 3…h5!

…and the precise layout of the pieces means that white's two queens can't contribute to the defence. White might as well queen his pawn, 4 d8(Q)+ Kh7 and then his only try is 5 Bf3, but 5…Qf1+! is game over. Very nice.

Note that 1…h5? fails to promoting the pawn followed by 3 Bf3 Qf3 4 Qdb6 protecting everything.



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