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It’s Your Move: daily chess puzzle # 15

June 8, 2015

White to play and win

Note: this is not a 'just find the first move' problem: need to look deeper

Travnicek v Janata, Prague 1961




My comment before the puzzle diagram was because I failed here: I assumed it was just a question of 1 Rd4! and it was game over, due to the double attack on d8 and h7.

But no, Black can defend: 1…g6 2 Rd8 Na1, and since the Qf2 defends the Rf8, the win is not trivial.

In fact, white must first improve his queen, 3 Qa1+ Kg8[] 4 Qc4+! Kh8, the point of which is quite hidden: from c4 the queen looks at c8.

5 Rf8+ Qf8[] 6 Ne6!

and black loses his queen!, since if Qe7 or Qf7, Qc8+ mates, or if say Qe8, then Qc3+ mates.




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