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It’s Your Move: daily chess puzzle # 16

June 9, 2015

Black to play and win

(A fantastic puzzle)


Morales v Dr Lehmann, Leipzig Olympiad 1960




I 'failed' with this one, eventually plumping for 1…h6 with the intention of an eventual breakthrough, perhaps combined with …a4. I also spent a lot of time on 1…Nce4 and 1…Nge4, preferring the former, but not finding a convincing breakthrough.

Having decided there was no more that I could do with the position, I checked the solution, to see if 1…h6 was the move, to be shocked to see that it was a move that I hadn't even considered. 1…c6!! was played in the game and after 2 dc, 2…Qa7!! is decisive. Joyful.

Of course, Stockfish finds the move instantaneously; quite kindly, it also says 1…a4 is just as good; that 1…Nce5 is almost as strong, and that 1…h6 is -2. But 1…c6 is spectacular, to my eyes.

CJS Purdy would have tut tutted at me. Examine all biffs might have made me at least contemplate 1…c6, and his concept of jumping, jump-biffs and jump-checks also could have led me to Qa7: though I suspect they are straining his concepts.

A most interesting problem.


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