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It’s Your Move: daily chess puzzle # 165

November 6, 2015

White to play and win


Uhlmann v Witkowski, Polanica Zdroj 1967




A nice puzzle, geometrically ‘interesting’. Clearly, there is a jump check Re1-e8, which in fact is a jump-mate, but how to discover the attack is hard. 1 Nd6 fails since rooks are exchanged and then 2…B*d6 the bishop can retreat to f8.

So 1 Ng3! and things work: the Qf5 is overloaded, it can’t both defend the Bh5 and the Re8/back rank. So 1…Re1+ 2 Qe1 Bg3 fails to 3 Qe8 mate; or 1….Qc8 makes the Bh5 a Loose Piece, and Loose Pieces Drop Off, as John Nunn taught us. So 1-0.




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