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It’s Your Move : daily chess puzzle # 166

November 7, 2015

Black to play and win



Letelier v Schmid, Havana 1967




White has potent threats on the a2-g8 diagonal, but as CJS Purdy teaches us, in thinking about a position, spend some time ignoring threats: consider what you would like to happen if they couldn’t possibly be executed.

He also told us to examine all biffs. So, 1…Qa7+! 2 Kh1 (2 Kf1 same) 2…Ng4 and Black wins the exchange: 3 Rf1[].


My engine also likes 1..Ng4! giving it an equivalent horrendously high negative evaluation- mid to high teens.



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  1. ThomasW permalink

    Have you made a “fingerfehler” Allan? The White queen seems to be missing from both diagrams.

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