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It’s Your Move: daily chess puzzle #235

January 16, 2016

Black to play and win


Huguet v Gerusel, Monaco 1969




Anyone who has read CJS Purdy, or my past blogs (since I often cite CJS Purdy) may know my favourite quote of his, a true LOL moment- it just appealed- when he taught me about potassium cyanide. Such a useful mnemonic.

Here, we have the potassium cyanide features in place: the Qc2, Bd3 are begging to be forked by the Pd4. So 1…d3! and if 2 Bd3, 2…Nb4 wins a piece.


A key point is that if White side-steps, playing 2 Qb2, hitting the LPDO Rh8, Black has and 3… e1(Q) obtaining the extra piece after 4 Re1 Qe1.

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