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It’s Your Move: daily chess puzzle #236

January 17, 2016

White to play and win


Medina v Marovic, Malaga 1969



I totally messed this one up, missing the easy/obvious/but not obvious to me  1..Qc1+ defence: I had a nice line starting 1 Rd7 with the idea of 2 Nf5+, and a later, clever Bd5, but 1..Qc1+ exchanges queens before taking the Rd7,  and Black is winning.

The winning line is very nice: 1 Qe5! strangles Black’s pieces. Black has many defences, and on this occasion I will leave it to the reader to enjoy working out which of Nh5+/Bd5/Rd7 or even Ne2-f4 succeed. The key points about 1 Qe5 are that it pins the Nf6, therefore meaning the Bd7 is LPDO (and the Pd5 is LPDO) whilst also side-stepping the Qc1+ defence. (I have my own game file of some analysis which I can either send to interested readers or post online). Update: now posted here



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  1. bora permalink

    pls do send the analysis of game file. thanks

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