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It’s Your Move: daily chess puzzle – special edition

February 7, 2016

Black to play and win


Hinton, Tim v Beardsworth, Allan, Stockport Rapidplay 2016


Today is my youngest child’s 18th birthday, so, to celebrate, a break from the series from Teschner’s and Miles’ book, to a recent game of my own. My opponent, for this 30min per player rapid game, on arriving at the board told me he was a reader of this blog and also quipped, asking whether our game might feature. In the end, we both agreed that the finale had to be in, and he sportingly said he had no problems at all losing to a combinational finish like occurred.

The finish was when each of us was down to our last two or three minutes. I am pleased to say that I saw the winning motif a few moves before and was just building up to play the diversionary tactic which followed.

1…Rf3+!! 2 Kf3 Qg2+ 3 Ke3[]


1…Bc5+!! deflecting the Queen 0-1, for if 2 Qc5 Qe2 mate.


Of course, 2 Ke1 was a tougher defence. I was planning 2…Qg3+ 3 Kd1 Qg2 when Black is easily winning if 4 Re1 Rd3+ ( 5 Kc1 Qd2+ picks up the LPDO Re1); the engine says that 4 Qg8+ is relatively best, but at -5 Black should easily win, especially since the lines aren’t hard: push the h pawn, bring up the King, capture on f5, and White has no counterplay. The engine tells me though that 2…Nd3+ is mate in 14- maybe I would have found it, because the point is that 3 Kd1 loses to 3…Nb2+ with a royal family fork, and Ke2 or Kd2 is met by 3…Qg2+, so White is forced to lose the Q by 3 Qd3 Rd3.

A pretty combination and fitting for today.


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