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It’s Your Move: daily chess puzzle #257

February 8, 2016

Black to play; evaluate 1…Nc6

(a puzzle to spend some time on, but not too much; an analytical effort.)

What move was better than 1…Nc6? (a difficult question)


Larsen- Stein, Belgrade 1970


A disappointing puzzle, since there is nothing clear. 1…Nc6 2 Nc6 Re4 3 fe bc and the position is unclear.

I could add far more lines, but don’t think there is much point. The game is given in Megabase 2012 and there are reams of analysis around this position, some +-. some -+. some unclear- too much to replicate. The position is just “and the game goes on”.

In the initial position, 1…Nf7! is a better choice for Black, and Black is probably winning since 2 Re8+ Qe8 3 Re1? loses to 3…Bd4+; so 3 Be3 when 3…c5 pins and wins.


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