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Daily chess puzzle

September 9, 2016

A break for a day from my series of postings from Matni Udar.

One of my habits is to cut and keep cuttings of problems that I can’t solve. A treasure chest for a later day.

Some I keep in a filing cabinet, a few I keep in the pocket of my Kindle case. Why do I mention this? I am posting this blog whilst on holiday in Turkey, and was reading a book on my Kindle, but at times dipped into my cache of problems. Some turn out to be trite, and I wonder why I missed the solution first time round, others stump me for a while long, and these I will post on my blog. This is one of them.


White to play and win


Unknown players: clipping from the Daily Telegraph, and I was too zealous in my tearing out.




Examine all biffs

1…Nh4, and again, examine all biffs, 1….Qa8! (a pleasure to find this move)


Or, if 2 Bf1, then 2 Nf3+ and all the pieces enter. For instance 2 Ne2 Rc2 3 Rd1

And probably 3…Bc5 followed by 4….Nd4+, and Black dominates.


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