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Daily chess puzzle

September 10, 2016

Another break from my Matni Udar series, to show a quick tactic from one of my ICC 3-0 games.


Black to play and win




1…Rc2! destroys White’s defences.

In the game, Black took the rook, and the main motif is that there is a Nc4+ forking King and Queen.

If instead 2 h6, then 2…Rb2+! and if 3 Ka1 I had planned 3…Ra2+!!, mating. Writing this blog now, I see that White could also play 3 Kc1, when either Black can play safe with 3…Ne8, which I always has in reserve, or play more consistently with 3…Rc2+! when either capture leads either to mate or to the winning knight fork.


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