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Daily chess puzzle

March 5, 2017

A break for one day from my daily series from Matni Udar.

Today, one of my ICC games, where I was playing 3 minute blitz against a considerably stronger player, an IM living in Switzerland (per his details, but name unknown) rated at about 400 points above me. But Caissa was shining on me, in two ways: enabling me to win, and enabling me to win prettily.

Black to play and win



SirJohn v allanbeard, ICC 3-0 25/1/17


Not too hard, particularly because it is just check, check and check and mate!

1..Ng3+ 2 Kh2[] Nf1+ 3 Kh1[] Qh2+!


4 Nh2[] Ng3 mate.


One of my prettiest mates; and, maybe I have, but my first or one of my first smothered mates.


5nk1/B5pp/2Q5/1BP2p2/P3nq2/5N1P/1P3bP1/7K b – – 0 1

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