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Daily chess puzzle: Check Mate #384(2)

July 22, 2017

Yesterday’s puzzle intrigued me: how much before the problem position did Ljubo see the combination?


So, I had a look at the game, which is in Megabase 2017. Ljubo’s combination is far deeper, and today’s problem is:

What would you play as White in the position below?


Ljubojevic v Durao, Nice 1974


I would probably have played 1 Re4, and wouldn’t have dreamt of playing 1 Rf5 which Ljubo played. (Shame on me: as an acolyte of CJS Purdy I should always remember to examine all biffs)

In fact, Komodo prefers 1 Re4 fe


and then amazingly not the move I would automatically play, 2 Qe4, when the advantage swings to Black (by 2…0-0-0) but 2 Qe3 which keeps the Black king in the centre.

After 1 Rf5, Komodo gives the position as equal: 1…Qf5[] 2 Re4 and now 2…Rf8=, whereas 2…0-0-0? as played swings the evaluation by +9.


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