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Daily chess puzzle: Check Mate #385

July 23, 2017

Another puzzle from Dragoslav Andric’s 1981 book “Matni Udar”.


Black to play and mate White


Stanchev v Kostakiev, Bugarska 1974


Firstly, no prizes needed, I think, for guessing the opening. I’ll lay very high odds it was a French Winawer Qg4 variation!

Secondly, not many prizes for choosing a winning move: many moves win: but

(i) the game continuation was 1…Ne5, 2 Re5 Rd3+! 3 cd Ba4+ and mate;

(ii) I chose 1…Nd4, also with the intention of 2..Rd3 and a similar mate;

(iii) Komodo 10 prefers the startling 1…Nb4!! which is mate in 7 rather than at least mate in 10.

(iv) Komodo’s second choice is 1…Rd3+ which is mate in 10 and is also the prettiest. 2 cd Nd4!! leaving the Qf2 en prise.


3 Rf2 Ba4+ 4 Rc2[] Bc2 would be a fitting finale.



2k5/pp1bnQ2/2n1p3/3pPP2/6P1/P1pB3r/R1P2q1P/2BKR3 b – – 0 1

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